Courses Offered

Educating Humans to Improve Pet's Lives & Health

Pet Tech® Instructor Training is a comprehensive & interactive 3-Day program. Instructors will learn the necessary skills & teaching methods to properly train Pet Care Professionals & Pet Parents in Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for their pets.

Pet CPR & First Aid Training for pet parents, first responders, employees & pet professionals. Everyone can benefit from learning life-saving techniques! We will cover Canine and Feline CPR, Rescue Breathing, Snout-To-Tail Assessment, Choking, Poisoning, Heat & Cold Injuries, Seizures, Bloat, Insect Bites & Stings, Snakebites, Emergency Restraint and Muzzling, Pet First Aid Kits, and so much more! The PetSaver program will also include Senior Care and Dental Care for our pet-izens!

CANINE COLORS® color personality test will introduce you to yourself, your pet & your staff in a way you never imagined. Discover your color personality with the patented color psychology test. We’ll teach you how!

While in your area, we can also come to your place of business and do a fun workshop for your whole team to help everyone understand themselves and their co-workers in a different light!

Learn how to help pets in the event of a home emergency or impending natural disaster. Do you have a Fetch bag ready to go? Have you ever thought about how you would evacuate quickly and get your animals out safely? Do you have supplies for them? Let us help you prepare!

Want to know what your dog is really saying? Learn all about canine body language for the key to preventing stress, aggression & poor interactions. Learn how to keep dogs happy, adjusted & stress-free!