Pet CPR and First Aid

We can never predict when and where a pet emergency will happen. As such, we want to be prepared to handle the situation in the most educated capacity possible. Not only does training help us handle an emergency, but it allows us to view possible hazards and dangers to help prevent possible situations from ever happening to begin with. This prevention can save thousands in emergency visits and can save the life of your beloved pet.

Our PetSaver is the most complete and comprehensive program that we offer and is obviously the one we most recommend. It is approximately 9-hrs in length. It covers the Pet CPR & First Aid for canines and felines, but also covers Caring for the Senior Petizens and Dental Care for Your Pets!
Our Essentials is great for managers or owners that are sending many team members to a class or are wanting them to learn the most imperative information, but are cost-concious and/or have scheduling concerns and need a 6-hour program in order to still allow their business to function most effectively. It will not include the Caring for the Senior Petizens or the Dental Care sections that the PetSaver would include.

We always recommend that your entire staff gets trained in Pet CPR and First Aid as you never can guess who will be present when an emergency happens. This allows you to have a trained employee that can render aid immediately. We understand with a large number of staff in your facility, this can be difficult to do, especially with turnover. Because of this, we suggest that a facility should also send someone to become certified as a PetTech® Instructor. They can always keep their staff trained and current as well as offering educational classes for other pet professionals and new and current clients!

Depending on which program you take, some topics may or may not be covered. Our programs cover senior care, dental health and hygiene, pet CPR and first aid, choking protocols, heat & cold injuries, poisoning, seizures, insect bites & stings, snakebites and many other topics!

A Pet Tech® Instructor is someone who is certified by our Pet Tech® Master Instructor to train others in Pet Tech®’s Pet CPR and First Aid courses. This can be a great way for facilities to save money as they won’t need to pay for another instructor to come into their facility or send employees to another location for training. This also allows for new hires to be quickly certified after on boarding, minimizing the gap between hiring and training.

This also provides another revenue stream to your business and for your instructor as they can train other facilities, groups, businesses, and the public in classes exposing your facility or business to potential new clients every class! Click here to find out more information about becoming a Pet Tech Instructor!

Yes! We include not only a Wallet Card for proof of training, but most importantly, a beautiful signed professional certificate that you can frame in your office or facility. We also laminate these certificates so that they don’t become damaged before being displayed!