Pet Tech® Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor Training

Combine a passion for animals and education into a career when you become a Pet Tech™ Instructor!

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Pet Tech® Instructor Trainings

Pet Tech is the first International Training Center dedicated to CPR, First Aid, Care & Safety for dogs and cats. We have been teaching the important skills of Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for over 20+ years. The Pet Tech Trainings have helped save the lives of deca-thousands of pets that have been in emergency situations with their pet parent or Pet Care Professional.

The Pet Tech® Instructor Training is a comprehensive, three-day, interactive program with 40+ hours of pre and post online training materials. You will learn the necessary skills and teaching methods to properly train Pet Care Professionals and Pet Parents in CPR, First Aid and Care For Your Pets.

This course will include the PetSaver™ Seminar to ensure competent training in the identification and evaluation of the signs and symptoms a pet may develop and the appropriate actions to be taken for proper emergency medical treatment.

Who is this for?

The Instructor Training is PERFECT for:

The Pet Tech® Instructor Program is limited to 6-8 students in order to maintain a personalized training experience.

“I was going to take the Instructor Training so that I could train and certify my staff. What I have come to realize is that I truly do have a passion for pets and their safety and I actually was so wrapped up in the running of my business that I forgot I had it!

This class rekindled that passion and made me realize that sharing this knowledge by teaching others is where I want to be on my journey.”

SP Anderson


You Love Animals and So Do We!

We’re guessing your love of animals is probably why you do what you do. Working in the pet industry can be very rewarding on its own and for many of us, the freedom and independence we get from running our own pet business is a major plus.

We also know that running your own business is not easy. Growth and creating new revenue streams are probably the most important things you can do to ensure your success and we have the ideal way for you do just that.

Becoming a Certified Pet Tech Instructor is not only a means to an end, but you can have a PAWSitive impact on pets and their pet parents’ lives everyday.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only does becoming a Pet Tech Instructor bring you more income, it also adds credibility to you and your business. Pet parents are far more likely to do business with you, knowing their pets are safe in your hands. Also as a member of the Pet Tech family, you can utilize our name to drive the branding and marketing of your business to be even more successful!

Why Join The Pet Tech® Team?

Not only do we get you ready to teach CPR, First Aid, Care & Safety, but we also help you build your business with…

  • Power Point Presentations for all Programs
  • Marketing Starter Kit
  • Instructor Search Feature on the Pet Tech Web Site
  • Pet Tech Profile Page
  • Marketing, Teaching, and Technical Support
  • Referral Programs
  • Partner Marketing Products
  • And plenty more!

What's the bottom line?

You might be thinking, “that all sounds great, but how much can I actually make as a Pet Tech Instructor?”

Say for example you teach only two 8-hour PetSaver classes. Each class has a total of 10 students with an enrollment fee of $125 per student, for a total of $2500. Your expenses are 20 student workbooks at $12 each and approximately $130 venue fee per training, depending on your location. Your profit after expenses in this scenario would be $2000. If you look at it from an hourly perspective, you are making $125 per hour in profit.

What other opportunities are there that can combine our love of animals, making a difference in pets’ lives, one pet parent at a time, and getting paid to do it?

Start growing your business today by becoming part of the Pet Tech family. We will teach everything you need to know and also help you brand and market your business for success.

Join the Pet Tech® Family

Take your career and skills to the next level!
Pet Tech® will equip you to teach the premier Pet CPR & First Aid training on the planet!

Benefits of Becoming a
Pet Tech® Instructor

Thom Somes, “The Pet Safety Guy”, will consult and work with you over the phone and by e-mail to assist you with being the best Pet Tech® Instructor you can be!
Cindy Buzas, VP Sales & Marketing, will work with you in putting together your Marketing Plan.

3-Day Pet Tech® Instructor Training Agenda

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Please anticipate scheduling approximately 6-10 hours outside the classroom on your skill/lecture presentations.

PetSaver™ Training Materials

Every student you teach the Pet CPR & First Aid Program to will receive the following:

PetSaver™ Student Packet Contents:

There is an annual Pet Tech® Licensee fee of $175 which will be due just before class and will cover your first year.